A Coastal Survey by the City of Joondalup in 2019 demonstrated that there was a clear community preference for soft options over hard options, and that the community values the natural beach area over private or public assets.

The final revision of the draft plan was completed in 2020 but not released to the public.

There was a Freedom of Information application made on 6 May, 2023 to obtain the technical CHRMAP (draft plan) that had previously been deemed “too complex and technical to understand” for the City to allow public access.

At a Briefing Session on 9At a Council Meeting on 23 May 2023, it was discovered the technical points of the CHRMAP had not been peer reviewed for viability. A motion by Councillor Kingston to send the draft plan back to follow the proper State Government guidelines for CHRMAPs was defeated, and after that a majority of council voted to send the draft plan (for 17 groynes) out for “Public consultation”.

As of the of June, 2023 the City have released the full “technical and complex” draft CHRMAP.