The area is highly valued by the community and attracts a large number of visitors.The conservation values of this area are recognized by its inclusion in Bush Forever Site 325 and proximity to Marmion Marine Park. The project area contains Quindalup Complex vegetation and transitions to limestone flora of the Cottesloe Central and South Vegetation Complex with areas of limestone pinnacle development, one area adjacent to a heavily used carpark.
As a transition zone between the marine and terrestrial environment the project area contains a complex ecosystem.Fauna in the area is diverse-mammals, amphibians, reptiles, bush and sea birds, marine life and invertebrates have been regularly observed during Coastcare events in previous projects.

The long narrow shape and close proximity of the Reserve to urban development means it is subject to significant edge effects and threats from weed invasion, vandalism and litter pollution. We believe that direct community involvement in addressing these threats is essential to the long term conservation of the area.

The project aims to protect biodiversity and address community concerns about weed invasion, growing pesticide use, marine debris in the ocean and on the beach and litter in the dunes. The activities of the project will involve :

Coastcare events to engage volunteers in improving vegetation condition through hand weeding and maintaining planting areas, planting local provenance native plant species in degraded areas to improve habitat and collecting litter from the beach and dunes to reduce litter pollution and protect fauna from entanglement and ingestion hazards. Participation in these activities also raises community awareness and appreciation of local biodiversity.
MBCG works closely with both the City of Joondalup and Perth Region NRM and value their technical advice and on-ground support.
MBCG works with a number of schools to provide environmental education, work experience and community service opportunities for a number of students.
The City of Joondalup will provide: assistance at planting sessions; supply, removal and disposal of weed and litter bags; seedlings and general site maintenance.
BindiBindi Dreaming will provide an educational walk to raise awareness of indigenous Heritage of the area.
Planning, monitoring, coordination and administration of the project by members of MBCG
Weed management, especially along edges, is crucial in this long narrow reserve dissected by a number of East-west pathways. Experienced Bush Regeneration Contractors will be engaged to remove invasive species along the edges and within the reserve, prepare planting areas by removing mature weeds and assist community members at Coastcare events. We have found professional hand weeding to be invaluable in improving vegetation condition -damage to existing native vegetation is minimised, natural recruitment is encouraged,fire fuel loads are reduced and chemicals are not added to the soil, groundwater and ocean. Much of the project area is hazardous due to dense vegetation, uneven terrain and venomous reptiles and invertebrates. Experienced contractors can work safely in areas unsuited to volunteers.

This project will support the continued efforts of MBCG to protect and enhance the biodiversity of this highly valued natural area.