Formalising pedestrian access ways at Mullaloo Beach 


Providing safe and clear access ways to our public beaches.

Our Aims

  • to conserve and strengthen the coastal ecosystem linkage along the fragile coastal foreshore and build resilience to the erosion damage caused by strong prevailing SW winds and constant sand blasting that continually cause bare and unstable foredune dune

Our Objectives

  • New fencing along 10 access ways across Mullaloo and Ocean Reef
    New fence design that allows flora and fauna to move between dunes
    Reduces the cost of maintaining the access ways

Mullaloo is a highly utilised and valued area with local beach users as well as attracting tourists, however it has been identified on the Coastal Erosion watch-list as high-risk level to adjoining public open space infrastructure. Although beach and shoreline are slowly accreting, the prevailing SW winds and constant sand blasting continually cause bare and unstable foredune due

The constant changes to the foredunes then continually places additional pressure on the secondary dunes and fragmented low coastal vegetation.

This constant changing foredune structure also causes constant pressure on each and every beach access pathway, resulting in a high build-up of soft loose beach sand and regular dune blowouts. This dynamic nature has identified inadequacies in the current fencing, they are

  • constant sand build-up on pathway difficult to remove allowing unauthorised beach users easily access
  • inhibits cross pathway movement by increasing fauna population
  • fence-line vegetation growth causes plant/sand build-up on fence and eventual fence collapse. These collapsed buried fence-lines enable unauthorised damaging human activities.