Mullaloo Beach Community Group is seeking funding to continue our efforts to protect and enhance biodiversity, improve ecological function and linkages, raise community awareness and engagement and reduce little pollution in the remnants of the Mullaloo Little Desert and Mullaloo Beach. The proposed project area includes and is an expansion of previous State NRMO project areas. Our experience has shown successful dune restoration is a slow process requiring ongoing, consistent effort. The area is highly valued and utilised by the community and its conservation values are recognized by its inclusion in Bush Forever Site 325 and proximity to Marmion Marine Park. The project area contains Quindalup Complex vegetation and transitions to limestone flora of the Cottesloe Central and South Vegetation Complex with areas of limestone pinnacle development, one area adjacent to a heavily used carpark. As a transition zone between the marine and terrestrial environment the project area contains a complex ecosystem with varied fauna. Three species of reptiles were first identified onsite during 2015/16-Western Blue Tounge(Tiliqua occipitalis), Two-toed Earless Skink(Hemiergis quadrilineata) and Marbled Gecko (Christinus marmoratus)